What is mü? Sweet, creamy wine-based coffeehouse cocktails  in fun mülicious flavors. Serve mü simply in a short glass over ice. Or, add a touch to your coffee or espresso. (Warning: your creamer will be jealous.) Just one taste and you’ll see why mü is a coffee lover’s dream.

creamy vanilla latté

Mild, smooth and clean taste with a silky texture. Experience a sweet warm wave of classic vanilla, that rounds into melting flavors of maple and sugar with lovely depth and length.


creamy coco cappuccino

Inspired by the universal desire for chocolate, the creamy, slightly woody dark roast blend of cocoa, caramel and almond with its    lingering sweet finish, make this dreamy cocktail a crowd favorite.


creamy espresso macchiato

Inspired by the café favorite, bold espresso with its macchiato (Italian for “spot”) of creamy milk.


Club Members: $13.49

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