Craft Beer

Craft Beer

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

American Craft Beer

Experience some of the best craft beer and cider from right here in the U S of A. You can be Hop Stupid if you want or play Dead Guy. Taste some amazing hard cider from upstate New York or tour your way to the west coast. Cheers to Wine offers one of the best beer selections in the Sarasota area and is one of the few that carries them in the bomber sizes.


We bring world class beer in from where it was invented. Taste what the Trappist Monks intended centuries ago. We carry the finest ales from Britain, Germany and more. Want to try a few darker styles as well? There are some amazing porters and stouts in stock and cold for you to drink. Taste an American IPA side by side with a British ale and see who wins.

Craft Beer Cold and Ready

With about 1/2 of our selection of craft beer and imports chilled in bottles you can come on in and enjoy one while you’re out and about. Kick back and watch some sports at the bar with a tall one in front of you. You can’t find a better beer in Lakewood Ranch or in Sarasota for that matter. Relax in an atmosphere that is far more laid back than your typical beer joint.

Craft Beer
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